Other services

RAILWAY SIDINGS - We provide car storage services in access roads of our territory. At the same time we can accommodate up to 100 wagons.

RENT OF VARIOUS PREMISES - Our rented premises can be adapted to a wide range of uses - administration, clean production, storage etc. The facilities are situated in a strategically attractive location, equipped with water supply, local heating. All premises can be equipped according to customers’ needs.
  • Total area of the 1st floor – 160 sq. m.
  • Total area of the 2nd floor – 276 sq. m.
  • Total area of the 3rd floor – 306 sq. m.
  • There is an option to separate the premises according to a customer’s demand.

WEIGHING SERVICES We weigh wagons and motor transport.

CUSTOMS SERVICES - Clearance of goods. Temporary storage of goods in the customs territory.

PRODUCT MIXING - Mixing, flocking and spraying various products.